Meet Nadira

I often joke that I was “born” in fashion. I worked retail as a teen in France, traveled across Europe as a sales rep in my early twenties for my brother-in-law’s womenswear brand, then worked in showrooms in Paris for a few years before making my way to retail in the city. As a young, first-generation French-Algerian woman, these experiences were absolutely electrifying.

But I thrived most working in boutiques in Paris. I absorbed how delighted women were when I created a space on the floor just so they could “play dress up.” Finding the perfect solution to each woman’s style equation was–and is still–so gratifying. I feel so lucky to be able to serve each of you in this way; it is my–and the rest of our Vert & Vogue team’s–true joie de vivre.

Meet Ryan

Like Nadira, my mother, Susan, loved style. Her’s was modern with a classic touch, reflecting her ethos as an entrepreneur and dedicated mom. She raised my brothers and I to dress well, and brought fun and adventure to every shopping trip we had. Although I won Best Dressed in high school, the joy I found in clothing dimmed, until I walked into a men’s boutique Nadira managed in Paris.

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Creating Vert & Vogue

After we got married, Nadira and I were inspired by a new band of independent clothing designers producing mindfully-made collections. With Nadira’s retail and fashion background and my desire to continue my parents’ and grandparents’ entrepreneurial legacy, we dreamed up Vert & Vogue–a place that would champion green innovations and create joy and connection through independent design and personal style. We opened our doors in downtown Durham on September 10th, 2008.


Care is at the heart of what we do–from choosing our collection, to supporting our team, to serving you. This dedication extends to our larger community too–we’re proud to be a certified B Corporation, and a part of downtown Durham’s revitalization since 2008. We build community and foster connection through our designer, Happy Hour and meditation events.

To learn more, check out our 2023 B Corp Impact Report