Nadira and Ryan Hurley, founders of Vert & Vogue, met in Paris in 2001 at a men's boutique managed by Nadira. After buying a new wardrobe from her, Ryan couldn't help but ask Nadira out on a date. After a little persistence (she didn't date her customers), she accepted. They were soon married in 2002. Following a honeymoon year living in Paris, they moved to New York and started a family. They soon found themselves in the suburbs wanting more. For Ryan, that meant a green business. For Nadira, a return to retail fashion. From those intentions, the concept of Vert & Vogue was born. The gritty revitalizing city of Durham would become its perfect home. Nadira and Ryan opened the doors of Vert & Vogue on September 10, 2008.


We love Durham! We're thrilled to be a part of its downtown renaissance. We're dedicated to helping make downtown an even more vibrant shopping destination packed with unique experiences. It's so exciting to see independent shops and innovative retailers opening their doors in Durham. Your patronage of local retail stores makes this possible. Please continue your support.

We're also proud partners of local non-profits SEEDS and Urban Ministries of Durham. These vital organizations provide food and shelter to those in need. They teach respect for the earth and each other. They make our community strong. If you haven't yet, please consider supporting them.


We're committed to helping create a greener world. The location of our flagship store, its design, and our sourcing practices are all part of this commitment. We source our goods with an abiding focus on natural fibers, quality construction, timeless design and American made production. More than half of our collection is made in the USA. We support independent designers and artisans that produce on a small scale and drive green innovation in the fashion industry. Our storefront is located in downtown Durham because we want to help develop and be part of a dense, walk-able city.

As of December 2017, we're proud to be a certified B Corp. B Corps are companies that are certified by the non profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. Together with financial performance, this way of measuring a companies impact is known as the triple bottom line. We know that measuring areas of industry that greatly effect the well being of people and the planet is the next step in creating a cleaner, healthier and more caring world. Please join us on this journey and B the Change you seek!

We're not perfect! Our process is always evolving. If you know of conscientious designers we should consider or have suggestions on improvements to our practices, please email us We'd like to hear from you.

To learn more about the brands we carry and why we've chosen them,


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