This is our story.

B Corp certified since 2017, Vert & Vogue is redefining what it means to "shop". The collection of independent designers and woman owned brands coupled with high touch styling services puts an emphasis on discovery over traditional retail. What truly sets V&V apart is the value of care. Care is at the center of all that we do—from choosing our collection to supporting our team to serving you.

Founders Ryan and Nadira Hurley's story sounds like a textbook, cinematic meet cute. The two met by chance when Ryan happened upon the boutique Nadira managed in Paris, and the rest, as they say, is history. Curious how they made it from Paris to Durham? It's a funny story actually, and best told by them.

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This is personal.

Together we explore your je ne sais quoi–the qualities that make you uniquely you. We get to know you (and may even push you–just a little) to select pieces that look, feel, and fit like a dream, elevating your radiance and sense of self, no matter the season or occasion.

Let’s Rendez-vous

We believe clothing is personal. Our mission is to bring joie de vivre, surprise and discovery to your clothing experience. To enable you to feel like you. It’s a conversation, and a journey together.

This is authentic.

Each season, we showcase the independent designers doing it right. The ones designing a trouser so delightful, a shoe so sublime, you feel empowered and at ease. The ones who craft a sweater with organic cotton so soft, you feel an instant calm. The ones who produce limited-run collections created with exquisite detail, especially for you. We know it has to feel as good as it looks–and most importantly, it has to feel like you.

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This is impactful.

By supporting V&V, you invest in the greater good: woman-owned businesses and brands, sustainable textiles and manufacturing practices, and the B (Benefit) Corporation movement. B Corps are certified for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. Since becoming a B Corp in 2017–one of our proudest accomplishments–we set goals each year to improve our impact. Check out our latest B Corp report. 

2022 Impact Report

This is joyful.

Abandon the endless loop of searching, scrolling and returning. Let’s rendezvous!