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Our B Corp Impact 2019 + 2020 Goals

Posted on February 18 2020




Since 2017 we’ve been proud to be a B Corp, certified for meeting the highest standards of social and environmental performance. We’re even more proud to be part of the growing B Corp movement. In 2019, the Business Roundtable representing Fortune 500 companies changed the definition of a corporation. Instead of solely pursuing profit on behalf of shareholders, BRT said the purpose of a company now must be to benefit all stakeholders - employees, communities, and the environment, as well as shareholders. This historic announcement affirms the values pioneered by 3,253 B Corps worldwide, including 50 right here in North Carolina.


As a B Corp, we work to meet and exceed the highest standards of social and environmental performance, transparency, and accountability. We call this way of measuring a company's impact the triple bottom line. This triple bottom line helps us to balance profit and purpose, holding us accountable to our team, community, designers, suppliers, and environment - our V&V stakeholders.


We’re excited to share our social and environmental impact results from 2019 and our goals for 2020. We’re especially excited that most of these goals have now become standards in our business.







• 50% or more of the entire collection made in USA + Canada

2019: 51.1% of our collection was made in USA + Canada


• 50% or more of apparel collection made of 100% natural fiber textiles 

(materials that break down at the end of their life)

2019: 65.4% of apparel collection was made of 100% natural fiber textiles


• Offer health insurance to all full-time employees

2019: We now offer health insurance to all full-time employees


• Meet or beat our annual donations to SEEDS and Urban Ministries of Durham

2019: We matched our annual donations of $2,000 to SEEDS and $3,025 to Urban Ministries of Durham from the previous year


• Fully offset our storefront and office energy use by purchasing wind power through Arcadia Power

2019: 100% of the power for our operations was offset by wind power credits from Arcadia Power 



In addition to core practices that anchor our business such as sourcing our goods from women-owned businesses, operating in a walkable downtown, investing in the revitalization of our historic storefront, and being a living-wage certified company, we fulfilled these additional impact goals in 2019.




• 1% of apparel collection made of certified organic fiber textiles

2019: 1.6% of our apparel collection was made of certified organic fiber textiles


• 50 hours or more of on-the-clock volunteer time annually by our team, with at least one team member volunteering at one of our non-profit partner organizations each month

2019: We fell a little short with 44 hours of volunteer time


• 40% of shipping materials purchased from companies that produce recycled, made in USA packaging

2019: 88% of shipping materials were purchased from companies producing recycled, made in USA packaging



With lessons learned and progress made in 2019, we’re excited to chase after these goals in 2020.




• 3% of apparel collection made of certified organic fiber textiles


• 50 on-the-clock volunteer hours, working with UMD and SEEDS


• Ensure a minimum of 88% of shipping materials are purchased from companies producing recycled, made in USA packaging and test compostable packaging later in the year with the goal of moving to zero plastic shipping next year


Ask us how we’re doing with our goals during the year when you drop by the shop, or chat or email us at


Join the movement! Vote every day with your dollars by buying and investing in positive impact companies. Check out these B Corps for a start! Help make your company a B Corp. Invest in renewable energy and buy organic food. Listen to our cofounder Ryan’s Small City Innovators podcast with solar pioneer Maria Kingery and sustainable agriculture dynamo Sandi Kronick, both B Corp champs. And, if you’re local, join us in volunteering at SEEDS or UMD


Together, we are the change we seek. Thanks so much for your support and making this work possible. 




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