Designer Spotlight: Coclico


Q&A with Coclico founder Sandra Canselier 

What is the Coclico origin story?
Coclico was conceived in NYC in 2000 and I opened my store in 2001. My father and grandfather made shoes in France, so as much as I tried to escape shoes when I was younger it was always a pretty clear path for me, it's in my blood. The brand has grown with me, starting out as an outlet for my passions and creativity it's now a reflection of my deeper philosophies and dreams for our future. Coclico speaks to a personal identity that extends beyond style and luxury to a way of living in the world.

How does sustainability play a role in your company?
Everyone on my team is sensitive to environmental issues, we believe that it’s the big question of our times and that damage we do today cannot be easily reversed. We do the best we can in our own households to keep our foot print tiny, and we bring that same sense of individual responsibility to the office. We do it for ourselves so that we can know we are consistent in our commitments. I don’t want to run the kind of company where people have to suspend their personal belief for 8 hours a day in favor of profit-at-all costs. Our goal is to set an example in the industry, and our hope is that one day soon our consideration for ethics and the environment will no longer be something that sets us apart from the crowd. We want it to be the norm.



What does 'Slow Fashion' mean to you?
To me 'slow living' is about being mindful, taking a moment to reflect on action and pulling back or changing course if need be. At the production level, it's the conversations we have as a team about our impact and making tricky decisions. We try and think big picture - like spending more on great materials from and on labor, things our customers will not necessarily see but are globally responsible.  And as a 'slow fashion' consumer I aim to contribute to our economy, but thoughtfully, buying selectively, supporting producers who are trying to make things responsibly, and being informed about my purchases. 



Why do you choose to have shoes made in Spain?
I make shoes in Spain because the country has a long tradition of shoe making, generations of skilled craftspeople and loads of great local resources for materials and components. We love our factory and have been with them forever. Each pair of shoes gets the royal treatment there.

What are you most excited about for the future?
LOL. I can't think that far ahead. Maybe the weekend?