UMD Day!

Urban Ministries of Durham Day 2016 Vert & Vogue

Over the past three years we’ve come to appreciate the success of one organization that makes a monumental difference in the lives of the homeless in our city - Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD). UMD takes a holistic approach to helping its homeless, hungry and/or disabled clients get back on their feet and become self-sufficient. Their cafeteria serves three meals a day, their shelter gives 148 men, women and children a place to stay each night, and most importantly they provide the services necessary to end their clients' hunger and homelessness. They offer on-site career training, often for veterans and single mothers. They help address their client's mental health issues or connect them with the appropriate city services to do so. Through their Clothing Closet, they provide professional wear and clothing to help their clients present themselves professionally in interviews and on the job. Through all of these concerted efforts, UMD has ended homelessness for 237 people in the past year.

Once we at Vert & Vogue understood the power of UMD and its effectiveness, we knew we had to support it. Over the past three years, with the help of V&V’s customers, we've enabled UMD to serve more than 3,500 meals in its cafeteria, and we’ve donated over 200 quality garments such as dresses and suits to UMD's Dress for Success partnership program, and its Clothing Closet. 

Saturday, March 19th is our annual UMD Day at V&V. Please join us to support UMD and help end homelessness for more than seven hundred people suffering from it each night in our city. Shop at any of our stores at Brightleaf Square, Five Points, or online - 20% of your purchase will be donated to UMD.

Visit the UMD website to learn more about the organization or to make a direct donation. Your support will truly make a difference in someone’s life here in Durham.

We look forward to seeing you at our stores, together helping our neighbors most in need.