V&V is now a B Corp!

After three years of trying and countless hours of work, we're proud to share that Vert & Vogue is now a B Corp. B Corps are companies that are certified by the non profit B Lab to meet rigorous standards of social and environmental performance. Together with financial performance, this way of measuring a company's impact is known as the triple bottom line.


We're honored to be the ninth B Corp in Durham and to join others in our industry such as Patagonia and Eileen Fisher, and in our community Bull City Burger & Brewery, ECO Organics, HQ Raleigh and Baldwin&. We thank them for leading the B the change movement, and we commit to setting the kind of example for others in the same way they have. Together with 2,100 other B Corps in the world, including forty in North Carolina, we're redefining success in business.

Our corporate charter now states that we have an obligation to consider all stakeholders in our business decisions: including our people, community, and planet. We've been committed to this mission since V&V was founded in 2008. But through B Corp certification and our bi-yearly B Corp assessment, we're now able to measure our impact and constantly improve it.


Beginning this year, we will measure V&V’s social and environmental impact annually and set benchmarks to improve it. We'll publish and report on these goals here on our Journal at the start of every year so that our employees, partners, and community are aware of what we've achieved.


On the B Corp assessment, a perfect score in all categories - Governance, Workers, Community, Environment, and Customers - is 200. The median score of companies that complete the assessment is 55. To achieve B Corp status you must score 80 or higher. In our 2016 assessment we earned 67.2 points. After working at improving our outcomes over the past few years, we achieved 91.5 points in December. We’re most proud of our Community and Environment scores. The median scores in these categories are 17 and 7 points. We excelled here with 38.9 and 23.9 points.

We're excited to share with you our goals for 2018, which build on our successes so far. In addition to the triple bottom line practices we employ in our business, such as sourcing our goods from women-owned businesses, operating in a walk-able downtown, investing in the revitalization of our historic storefront, and paying a living wage, we are committed to achieving these targets in 2018:


-50%+ of the goods in our collection will be made of natural fiber textiles

-50%+ of the goods in our collection will be American made (designed and manufactured here, typically made with imported fabric, which needs to change!)

-100% of our energy will come from purchasing renewable wind power from Arcadia Power

-60% of our packaging will be made of recycled or biodegradable materials

-Up to 20% of our annual profits will be donated to Urban Ministries of Durham (UMD) and SEEDS, local social enterprises, to support their operations

-We’ll donate our time each month volunteering on site at UMD and SEEDS


Please ask us how we're doing with our B Corp goals throughout the year when you pop in the shop or by dropping us a line at bonjour@vertandvogue.com. Better yet, if you’re local to Durham, why not join us at SEEDS or UMD - you can volunteer, too! Or pledge to buy 50% American made goods or 100% renewable energy this year. Follow us on Instagram and let us know how you're doing!


What you measure matters. We know that measuring areas of industry that greatly effect the well being of people and the planet is the next step in creating a cleaner, healthier and more caring world. Please join us on this journey and B the Change you seek!

Want to learn more? 


Find additional information about B Corp HERE and view our official B Corp Impact Report HERE.