Rendez-vous with CK:
Best of Sale


We’re spending this month celebrating—a new year, a fresh start, and 10 YEARS with our amazing Creative Director and Buyer, Catherine Kobe (lovingly called CK around V&V). 

In addition to leading buys each season, working with our creative team to create content and optimize our website, and a bit of everything else, CK is responsible for all the styling you see in our in-house photo and video shoots, from web to store signage to social media. Her discernment and creativity in each outfit embodies the V&V Muse—a little edge, practical with lots of personality, unique to a fault, and ingeniously true to self. 

CK’s also a wife, mom to the cutest kid we’ve ever seen, reader (Haruki Murakami writes some of her favorites), and so much more. She always lends a laugh or a hand when it’s needed—or when she just knows it’d be appreciated—and inspires us constantly with her kindness, creativity, and skill.

To celebrate a decade of CK at V&V, we’re bringing you her favorite pieces from our Fall/Winter Sale, intentionally styled back to some gorgeous Pre-Spring New Arrivals. Explore below, shop sale and get inspired through the end of January.



"Do you ever stare blankly into your closet? This sweater is for those moments. Start here, add a killer trouser, and then make it less "stuffy" with an oversized blazer or jacket. I paired the knee high Lahara boot in snake back to this look because it genuinely makes me happy. I love the idea of wearing a shoe this sexy and then covering 99% of it. When you inevitable sit down or cross your legs, be prepared for the Ooohs and Ahhhs from the peanut gallery."





"Okay, so this shirt feels complicated. It has a double collar and a funky (aka fun) zipper detail, but it's not complicated, I promise. In fact, it is so easy to wear and very versatile. Make it feel statement-y with the double collar zipped up in all it's glory with the hem hanging loose—pair back to denim, trousers, over a suede skirt! Or unbutton, unzip, and roll the sleeves for a "shacket" full of energy."



Jodie Shirt by Rejina Pyo, on sale for $485
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"One of my co-workers recently said to me, wow you wear those jeans all the time. And I do. I love them, like really really love them. I know since they are a bit oversized you should technically take the proportions down on top and do something more fitted, and you can (you should!), but there is something so alluring to me in the androgyny of the cargo pant back to an oversized button down and blazer (and maybe a peek of bra) that makes these jeans sing."


Sam Jean by Tibi, on sale for $345
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