Q&A with Amy Smilovic

Vert & Vogue is thrilled to host Amy Smilovic, Founder and Creative Director of renowned womenswear brand Tibi, on Thursday, October 27th. Amy will be sharing about her journey in the industry over the past 25 years, as well as what success—and her key mindset of Creative Pragmatism—means to her. Beforehand, Amy shared with us a bit about her idea of the perfect day, her excitement about the future, and what's inspiring her right now.

Join us at 5:30pm on Thursday, October 27th for An Evening with Amy at our downtown storefront. Space is limited, so make sure to RSVP and snag your spot.


Q&A with Amy Smilovic

What would you describe as your perfect day? What does it look and feel like—what do you eat, what do you do?

My perfect day is I get up around 7, I have 2 cups of coffee and share breakfast with my only son left at home - Jack, he has 4 legs.   I do a Barre class, and then go across the street for a second breakfast—as Jack at the majority of the former. I sit and have more coffee, eggs and bacon, and sketch on my iPad. I go back home and read or watch old episodes of VEEP. Things I could never do when the house was filled with kids and I was driving from one sporting event to another.  My husband usually cooks a great dinner and then we watch another movie together. Perfect day. It’s slightly chilly out too.

What does your creative process look like? What are you most inspired by these days?

My inspiration changes. Constantly. And I never know where it will come up or be sparked.  But when it comes I feel tremendous anxiety if I am not in a place where I can try and document the feeling / moment in some way.



Clearly, your creations have shifted quite a bit over the course of the past 25 years—as you've said, becoming more true to your style both as a designer and company leader. Coming up on that 25 year milestone, what are you most excited about creating currently?

I am most excited about just the knowledge that creating with my team is open ended. I really don’t know what the future holds and that is very calming to me. Whenever I feel like things are clearly laid out and prescribed then that is when I want to break it all apart. Next January we are all headed to San Miguel Mexico to show the Fall 24 collection—and I am REALLY looking forward to that as I’ve never been.

Has your personal style changed as much throughout those years, or do you feel like you've just found a more honed-in way of representing it?

I feel like my life has been about exploring and now I’m able to reflect, take all of that and articulate it better so I can communicate in a better way visually who I am. All of this is comforting in the knowledge that it allows me to keep exploring pushing and modifying.



You're a great example of how highlighting your personality and getting to know your clientele (and in your case, fan base) lends itself to creating a dedicated following. What's your favorite thing about sharing that connection through Instagram/social media as a whole?

My favorite thing is that I have truly truly truly realized that style is not shallow. I wanted that to be the case - always. And in hundreds of interviews over my 25 years in business I said it - that it was deep, personal, etc.  BUT until I started on social media, until I started communicating directly with others, I had no idea that it was indeed real.  Not shallow at all. And very meaningful to many to be able to finally express themselves visually.

How would you describe your relationship with your clients/followers? What makes it unique?

I think what makes it uniques is simply the fact that I have them. And I have them because I have worked very hard to curate a group of like minded individuals around me. I don’t mean people who all like an oversized blazer or the color navy. I mean people who share a common mindset that is balanced, not overly opinionated or extreme, there is openness and curiosity there, a modernity of thought that involves comfort with discourse and discussion.  And this is rare. We are in a time and place where opinions , at least as you would hear them in the news or on social , are louder and more extreme than ever.  To have brought together an incredibly thoughtful and balanced group of individuals who really enjoy engaging in conversation and hearing disparate points of views is very fulfilling and so not only do I know know who our customers are, many have become true friends.

What are you most looking forward to regarding the future of Tibi and the world of fashion/design as a whole?

I am most looking forward to the fact that I don't know what the future holds, but after what I’ve been through over the last 25 years, I have confidence that with the right people around us and a steadfastness in what we know to be right, that no matter what, it will all be good. And good by our standards, not someone else’s.  Which is all that matters, to me.

An Evening with Amy Smilovic

Amy is the Founder and Creative Director of Tibi, creating dynamic pieces—with a touch of classic—for the modern woman. We hope you'll join us October 27th in-store for this special evening with Amy. Space is limited, so make sure you reserve your spot.