An Evening with Rachel Comey


Vert & Vogue is thrilled to host iconic designer and creator/founder of her namesake company, Rachel Comey, in-store for an evening of conversation on April 27. Rachel will join us to share a bit about her journey in fashion through an interactive Q&A and community gathering. As huge fans of Rachel–both her designs and incredible creative spirit–we wanted to share a bit about Rachel beforehand to highlight the influence and inspiration she’s brought to the world of fashion.

Join us at 5:30pm on Thursday, April 27 for An Evening with Rachel Comey at our downtown storefront. The event is free, but space is limited, to make sure to RSVP to secure your spot. We can’t wait to see you there!



Rachel Comey has always carved her own path. From training as an artist throughout her schooling, to taking the fashion world by storm with her unique and eye-catching pieces for the past two-plus decades, she’s consistently led with integrity, individuality and a distinct vision for the world she wants to inhabit–and create–through her company and legacy.

Rachel grew up in the Connecticut suburbs in a viscerally nostalgic childhood. The cinematic, distinctly Americana vignettes, from neighborhood teen car washes to an adolescence experienced at her New England boarding school, seem like something right out of a coming-of-age film, and as such, have shaped her work and outlook to this day. She held a keen interest in the self-expression of fashion and how it shapes subcultures, but digressed instead to studying art and sculpture due to her love of creation.

Rachel’s first foray into the world of creating wearable pieces was through the birth of a small underwear company in burgeoning Vermont while working as a receptionist, shortly after her college graduation. As a trained artist, she took a very crafty approach to creating clothing–working with costume designers and friends to create her first whimsical but basic patterns.

A few years later, Rachel moved to New York, assisting artists and working on sets alongside her own creative pursuits before eventually landing a job at popular brand Theory. She worked as a “trend scout,” spotting pieces, colorways, prints, and patterns that were interesting to bring into future collections. One of her first “breaks” came in the way some would only dream of–selling t-shirts to the one and only David Bowie. He fell in love with them after his stylist sought out Rachel’s DIY, “upcycled” aesthetic for her clientele, bought some from her for a few hundred dollars, and wore them everywhere, from tour to Late Night with David Letterman.

Her creations led to putting on a fashion show of her menswear at renowned New York Fashion Week, put together and modeled by friends and fellow artists. The show reflected the very aesthetic Rachel was known for–creative, DIY-inspired, piecey works that came together beautifully through community, connection and a distinct, knowledgeable eye. Her pieces were wildly popular, earning buyers and representatives immediately and pushing Rachel to teach herself the ways of the fashion world, truly coming into her own as a design tour de force. Shortly afterwards, 9/11 struck, and one feature in Time Out New York later, she was fired from Theory for pursuing her own design work, but kept pushing forward, proving that the determination and naivety of an early-twenties artist should never be underestimated.



Rachel credits much of her early success to her community, surrounding herself with friends who were forces–for her and for her work. She found her first employees through her network of artists and friends, and has kept that people-first approach in her company and mission since, aligning herself with both her customer and those at her company seamlessly. Integrity has always reigned supreme, and it radiates in each collection and facet of her business, from her storefronts to her company culture and her refreshingly honest and impactful social media presence.

In the twenty-odd years that she’s been creating, Rachel has done so with joy. From creating those first pairs of underwear and upcycled t-shirts to creating designs so iconic that we’re filled with excitement at opening new colorways each season. Her pieces invite play, pushing you to get a little outside of your comfort zone–or just give into it with grace and elevated style, with artful patterns, shapes, and collaborations. She’s become a true force in creating pieces for the contemporary woman, leading with style, uniquity, and true je ne sais quoi.

Our team here at Vert and Vogue is honored to have her in the shop with us April 27 for an evening sure to inspire and delight. Join us from 5:30 - 6:30pm at our downtown storefront–the event is free, but space is limited, so grab your ticket here.